No More

Your actions have no words.
Void of consideration for life.
A division of a people -human race.
Double standards illustrated of ignorance.
It was in this moment colors show true,
A people full of hate, unable to love.
It was in this moment silence was not an option, but taken otherwise.
We demand justice, we give you peace.
The allowance of ignorance brings destruction.
Those that fight, live.
However, death placed on others unjustly.
Today must not be tomorrow,
Yet yesterday was a revision of the past.
Silence is no longer an option.
A community of less than required must stop.
Our words bring truth to action. Solidarity.
We must continue to demand what is necessary. Continue to demand what is deserved.
We must stand as one. In love and peace we demand justice.

1 thought on “No More”

  1. Very good 😊 I hope you’ve sent this to Brent, Dereyck and Patrice! These are definitely great thoughts and the blog is right on time!


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